Partnership for the USA

The partnership of the companies Marovt (leading partner), Ramax Engineering and the Mamut tim (partner companies) successfully obtained co-financing in a public tender for ”Promoting partnerships for more effective appearance in foreign markets 2020 – 2022”. The main purpose of the project is a common way of penetration of the consortium and successful marketing of own services and products of the partnership of the companies of the operation ”Partnership for the USA” on the US market.”.

The main objectives of the ”Partnership for the USA” project are:

We partners are interconnected in a way that we offer a comprehensive service from the conceptual design to the final product, development of manufacturing technologies (transformation tools, precision hot forging technology, machining and assembling of components into an assembly ready for installation in vehicles, etc.), manufacturing and joint marketing. In this, the value chain is composed in such a way that the partner RAMAX designs, develops and manufactures transformation tools for precision hot forging, the company MAROVT designs, develops, manufactures precision hot forgings and assembles them into assemblies, and the company MAMUT TIM performs machining (grinding forgings) of the components of the assembly.

The partners will enter the market complementary, as we complement each other technologically and commercially, which is a market demand of customers in the automotive industry. In the framework of the operation, we want to:

(a) launch on the US market at least a new service and product (e.g. mechanical assembly) that will be fully the result of the partners’ activities: design, development and production, and will represent the complete unit of all processes to the final product/entire service,

(b) increase the volume of business in foreign markets and

(c) enable the entry to all three companies that are not yet present.

The public tender is co-financed with the help of the European Regional Development Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia.

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