Quality is one of the foundation pillars of the company’s operations and we pay a lot of attention to it. We are aware that it is necessary to deliver only products that fully meet the quality standards and customer requirements at any time and to each customer.


To ensure and prove quality, the company invests more and more in automation and robotics, production control and monitoring, data and measurements recording and archiving, it focuses on Industry 4.0, while taking care of maintaining and upgrading its ISO standards.


For many years, the company has been maintaining and upgrading ISO certificates, since ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are thoroughly implemented in the entire business and work of the company. Cooperation with the automotive industry is increasingly focused on the IATF 16949 standard, the foundations of which we have already begun to lay.

Industry 4.0

We are increasingly integrating Industry 4.0 into the operation of all production processes. Complete control of machine operation, monitoring of efficiency, occupancy and other parameters, as well as complete paperless operations, have completely improved our processes and work results.

Quality control

The introduction and implementation of various quality standards and modern methods that provide us with better, higher quality, systematized and safe work are a guarantee to our customers that they will receive only the best products.

Modern CNC and video measuring machines, special meters, measuring and control devices and computer support allow us to perform all necessary measurements, process them properly, present them and archive them.

Measuring laboratory

For the needs of the production of tools and plastic products, the company has its own measuring laboratory, where it performs measurements and carries out control of processes and products with modern measuring machines.
  • Video measuring machine TESA V-300 GL DCC
  • 3D measuring machine, DEA GLOBAL B PERFORMANCE, Silver Edition
  • Profile projector, PJ – A3000,
  • Measuring projector for tool calibration ZOLLER Smile400
  • Roughness meter Mahr MarSurf PS 10
  • Classic measuring instruments



Employees are our greatest asset and the engine of our progress. With leading, communicating and encouraging to tackle new challenges, the connection within the team is strengthened, which opens the door to a world of new knowledge and the accumulation of valuable experience.

Working environment

In the company, we pay a lot of attention to good working conditions and a friendly working environment for employees. We take care that the premises are clean, tidy and that the employees and our visitors feel good and safe in them.

Methodological care for order and cleanliness and good and controlled microclimatic conditions (temperature, humidity, noise and lighting) are the guarantee that we work and create in a work environment that is friendly to employees and provides them a healthy, successful and creative work.

Training and education

The foundation of the company's development is training and education, to which we pay special attention. We organize internal trainings, where our leading experts act as organizers and lecturers. We also send employees to additional trainings and seminars organized by professional institutions and their experts.

We are especially proud that our employees spend a lot of time on education outside of working hours and our company. It also can be seen distinctive willingness to share this knowledge with each other, so that everyone can improve and become even greater and better expert.


The strategic development of the company is also reflected in the systematic procurement of equipment, machines and tools. We follow the management guidelines and invest in machines from the world's most recognizable and high-quality machine manufacturers.

We also pay special attention to the systematic maintenance of machines and devices. The employees take care for regular maintenance work and inspections that are carefully documented. In the case of major interventions, this is taken care of by the service agencies with which we have concluded servicing contracts.



We are constantly introducing and following innovative solutions. New ideas, examples of good practice, modern methods of management, business operation and work are the guide for our good work and further development.

New challenges - new positive results

The company encourages all employees to take an interest in new challenges, sets new project tasks and tries to follow modern trends in the development of both our core activity and the industry as a whole.

We introduce modern approaches to work, advanced technologies, software solutions and digitalization of processes, but we also participate in various development projects and participate in joint projects with many partners.



The company has been devoting a very important role and special attention to the field of environment for many years. The ISO 14001 certificate, our guidelines, attitude and behaviour towards the environment prove that caring for the environment is one of our priority policy.

Renewable energy sources

A decade ago, the company recognized the importance of renewable sources and set up its own solar power plant. We use energy mainly for our own needs, and we send the surplus to the grid.

We were also among the first to recognize the importance of energy saving and prepared an energy strategy that includes the use of energy-saving LED lamps, as well as a code of dealing with energy and its saving.

Waste management

The strategic attitude to environmental protection covers also a very important area of waste management. We carefully monitor and record all types of waste and try to find production processes and materials that do not cause environmentally harmful waste, and if they are already generated, we make sure that there are as few of them as possible.

We also pay special attention to reducing the volume of waste materials and sorting. Contracts with collectors of waste materials provide regularity and transparency regarding the generated waste and give us a guarantee that our waste has been treated in accordance with all regulations and we have thus caused the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Corporate social responsibility


The company’s social responsibility towards the local community, sports, culture and towards all that need help has become one of the company’s priority tasks and orientations in recent years.

Business partners


Business partners and relations with them are the most important foundation for our development and future, so we build on mutual trust, professionalism, information and respect.


We are aware that our business partners rely and count on our professionalism, while expecting full compliance with the set terms and quality of deliveries.

We guarantee timely and quality deliveries

It all starts with good planning and good computer support. We accept and process all orders them via the EDI data exchange system and then process and plan them in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The integration of all systems and processes ensures planned, efficient and quality production and satisfied customers.



In the field of safety, continuous activities are underway to ensure even better and safer working conditions. We also intensively involve employees in this process, and together we look for opportunities for continuous development and improvement.

Health at work

In all production departments, we take care of the appropriate microclimatic conditions and for that reason we constantly monitor the temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and noise.

The company is also intensively working on obtaining the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system certificate.

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