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Quality and Environment Management Policy

We at RaMaX Engineering d.o.o. are very much aware of the importance of dividing the past, present, and future. Each timeframe has certain characteristics that should not be forgotten.

The past fills us with feelings of pleasure because the trodden path and our results show the company has developed exclusively from a business idea and zest of two founders. The company slowly but constantly grew to a middle-sized company it is today. Innovativeness, professionalism, reliability, and development orientation have brought the company to this point when we can speak of company recognition in Slovenia and abroad; when we can proudly say the number of satisfied customers is increasing. The company and its employees return trust in the form of quality products produced at a high technological level and in agreed deadlines.

The fact that we have never stopped even for a moment but rather kept propelling the wheel of development makes us feel obligated to continue working at the same pace. We are determined to keep upgrading and improving our company and our system. This is the only way to keep up with the high pace dictated by domestic and especially foreign market.

To enable further development and upgrade of the company possible we have decided to implement a holistic quality and environment management system according to international standards ISO 9001 and environment management standards ISO 14001.

Quality Management and Environment Management Systems are being introduced for the following reasons:

  • To improve the quality level of the company and to make the system of constant improvements lead towards a "work without errors".
  • To improve the quality of presentations to customers and business partners, and to be able to fulfill all demands and tasks that arise.
  • To upgrade and share our knowledge and experience with the knowledge of our partners and grow develop at an even faster rate.
  • To make the quality standard a characteristic the employees not only express to customers but also feel towards our work environment, our co-workers sharing work processes and our environment.
  • To include all employees in standardization process as to constantly upgrade their knowledge and enable them education because it is the only way to improve the level of quality.
  • To achieve quality norms together with the desired effect in the area of cost management meaning it is necessary to strive towards error prevention, solving the cause of errors and not just simply repairing the effects of an error.

Basic Principles of Environment Management Policy are:

  • To strive towards effective energy usage from renewable sources.
  • To sort waste and reduce the use of paper in the long-term relative to company activities.
  • To do business according to adopted and applicable legislation and in accordance to other accepted demands (demands from customers).
  • To identify and monitor environmental aspects of our production activities and its effects on environment.
  • To seek dialogue with our partners, customers and public regarding environmental issues.
  • We will systematically monitor the realization of goals regarding environment management, policy and strategy of environment management and take care of eliminating deviations on time.
  • To pursue constant improvement of environment management system.
  • Environment Management Policy is available to interested public.

With a goal of reaching long-term business goals we are committed to the following:

  • To plan annual goals of environmental management and regularly - at least once a year - monitor accepted goals, complement them if needed and change them to ensure their appropriateness.
  • To inform all employees about our Environment Management Policy.
  • To inform all people working for our company or operating in its name about Environment Management Policy.
  • To creatively construct and maintain the state of constant improvements for our Environment Management System.
  • To implement all actions to prevent pollution.
  • To establish and maintain a procedure for periodic assessment and fulfillment of legal and other demands which the organization has agreed to.
  • To make sure our definitions of Environment Management are always clear and transparent; to accept public criticism (from customers, suppliers and business partners) and take it into consideration when upgrading the system.
  • To take care of the nature by exploiting renewable energy sources.

Company management is committed to act in accordance to environment management goals and thus set an example to others, include environment management goals in strategic plans and ensure assets for effective implementation of these goals.

Each employee is responsible for preventing and pointing out every event that might influence the level of quality. At the same time each employee is responsible for the quality of his work and the quality of the work process as a whole.

Each and every one, from company management, heads of departments to each employee, is responsible for realization of quality policy and environment management.

                                                                                                                          Emil MartinÅ¡ek, BSME


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