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RaMaX Engineering d.o.o.
Poljska cesta 20
SI-3210 Slovenske Konjice

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Tool Forgery

Tool forgery of RaMaX Engineering d.o.o. is classified as a middle sized tool forgery in Slovenia. Considering the equipment our tool forgery ranks very high. A constantly complemented and modernized machine park confirms high level of equipment quality.
RamaX Engineering d.o.o. performs CNC mill services and procedures, HSC mill, HSC mill of graphite electrodes, wire erosion services, penetration of starting holes, sink erosion, drilling, flat, profile and round grinding, turning, sanding and laser welding.
Good and diverse equipment enables the company to manufacture tools up to 1100x1000mm in size.
Technologically advanced CNC machines are supported by CAM programming in TOOLMAKER software package while the internal quality control checks of products are performed on various measuring machines.
Complete production program in the tool forgery is managed over a project leading system based on scheduled project management.

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  Machine Park
  DEPOSPEED CNC Mill machine
  OKUMA MB-56 VA #1 CNC Mill machine
  OKUMA MB-56 VA #2 CNC Mill machine
  5 axes CNC Mill Machine OPS INGERSOLL
  + Robot for changing work peaces
  Mitsubishi FA30 Wire Erosion
  Mitsubishi FA10S Wire Erosion
  Machine for Production of Starting Holes
  INGERSOLL GANTRY 500 Sink Erosion
  Sink Erosion OPS INGERSOLL – EAGLE 800
  INTOS Mill Machine
  MASTERGRID MG4080 Surface Grinding
  ABA Surface Profile Grinding Machine
  KIKINDA Round Grinding Machine
  Turning Machine
  Drilling Machine
  JOKE Sanding Chamber
  MILLUTENSIL BV 26 Spotting Press


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